Holding two courses "Train the Trainers" on financial education and savings and credit associations

Based on the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Union of Cooperative Associations for Savings and Credit (UCASC) and the project (GROW) funded by the Canadian government, two training courses were held to train trainers in financial education and saving and credit associations. The first course was held in Bethlehem Governate with 14 young female trainees from Bethlehem and Hebron, in addition to the association’s coordinator, the second course was held in Nablus government targeting 16 young female trainees from Nablus and Jenin, in addition to the coordinators of each association, the trainees ages ranged between 19 and 34 years, coming from 18 different locations/ villages.

Training goals:

  • Enhance knowledge of funding and financial services
  • Enhance knowledge of savings and credit associations
  • Train female trainees to manage financial education sessions

Those courses will be followed by the implementation of an educational workshop by the trainees targeting 300 women and young females in the four governorates that were targeted in the train the trainers courses/ enhancing knowledge of financial services and financing, in particular enhancing knowledge of savings and credit associations.