Background Information


Building a better future of the economically marginalized groups in Palestine, especially in rural areas, based on cooperative principles and developing their skills and capabilities in coordination with others, and towards building pioneering financial initiatives that serve their interests


The Union of Cooperative Associations for Saving and Credit “UCASC” in Palestine is a democratic cooperative voluntary union aims at presenting and protecting its members the saving and credit cooperative associations in Palestine, through institutionalize them as well as building their capacities, and improving their legal environment

Strategic Objective:

  • To Improve the financial performance of saving and credit associations
  • To enhance operational and financial growth of the SCA movement
  • To strengthen the presence of cooperative organizations in public life.

Target Group:

UCASC targets the saving and credit cooperative associations in Palestine which are legally registered by the Ministry of Labor in Palestine.  The members associations are independent setups with clear and transparent financial and administrative systems that serve its members. The cooperatives are fully managed by its democratically elected boards financed through collected savings from their members and providing them with necessary funding for starting their own economic projects, as well as the non financial development services, aimed at the development of marginalized groups in Palestinian rural areas, encouraging them to take economic, political, social and cultural roles in the community.  Our members abide with the values beliefs and principals of cooperative work