CASCs Ownership, Governance and Management

Each CASC from UCASC network, after getting the official registration from the Ministry of Labor, should call for a meeting with all the members in the presence of the representative of Cooperation Office in Ministry of Labor of the province. This meeting is considered as the Cooperative founding meeting, in which membership is determined, together with the value of shares, repayment period, certified bank and auditor, etc.

According to CASC bylaw, the General Assembly will elect the Board of Directors (BoD) that should include at least five members, comprising the President of the BoD, the Secretary and the Treasurer, and it should be composed by odd number of members. The General Assembly also elects the Monitoring Committee that should be composed by three members. Each CASC is organized as follows:

  • General Assembly, each member (who has fulfilled her/his shares obligations towards the CASC) has the right of one vote.
  • CASC Board of Directors is the only official responsible body authorized and responsible in front of the Cooperative Work Agency for submitting all financial documents or any official reports, etc. and these activities can be delivered only through this channel. Also, issuance of checks for all disbursement is delegated only to BoD of CASC.
  • Monitoring Committee: Composed by three members whose role is to monitor and overview the BoD tasks in terms of efficiency, commitment, good governance and compliance, and compare that BoD activities reflects those of the GA and to raise the report in the yearly general assembly.
  • Group Committee: composed at least by the Treasurer and Vice-Treasurer chosen by group members, with supervision of the CASC that has the right to appoint or change members in order to meet professionalism standards required to implement their tasks.

For further details on the structure, roles and responsibilities please refer to the CASC bylaw, chapters four.

Requirements for formation and organizing group under the CASC:

  1. Group of women/men from one geographic area;
  2. Each group should not be less than fifteen (15) members;
  3. Members should have spirit of cooperation and joint responsibility among each other;
  4. Groups should be formed going beyond social-demographic differences (family status, personal attitudes and financial availabilities) among the members;
  5. Each member should show commitment to pay the membership fees.

Conditions to candidate for the CASC board of directors Group Committee:

  • Preferably not to be a member of the BoD of other associations, in order to give to others an opportunity to assume leadership roles.
  • The Group Committee member should not be relatives of first degree.
  • Committed to pay the membership fees and any other financial obligations in a timely manner.
  • Committed to pay her /his loan, and no late loan payments