Nablus’s Canteens 2018-2019

In its active role to enhance its members income and provide them job opportunities with the women in the surrounding area, the association has guaranteed twelve (12) canteens, distributed as follows:  a canteen in the city, a canteen in Borein, three in Beit Dajan, three in Jama’een, in addition to four canteens in Rojeeb, the cost of obtaining them was 100,754 ILS.

Among the most important results was increasing twelve members of the association income, they worked as main supervisors on the canteens. The Net Income of the members after excluding all expenses was around 137,607 ILS, 1,433 ILS per member per month for eight months (academic year is 8 months per year). It is important to note that this rate is equal to the minimum wage for workers working 8 hours a day. It worth noting that the supervisor takes about 70% of the canteens’ profits.

In addition, the following direct results were achieved:

  • An income opportunity for 6 women worked as canteens supervisors’ assistants with a total value of 12,340 ILS.
  • An income opportunity for a part-time employee to follow up on the canteens.
  • A net income of 38,368 ILS for the Association through the academic year, helped in covering the association’s administrative expenses.
  • Implement activities for students to promote a healthy food culture, and support some schools with school supplies.
  • Printing an annual calendar that promotes the work of the association and its importance.

It should be emphasized that the association went to this project, not to make profit for the association, but to help members to secure a source of income to improve their standards of living for them and their families. It is noted that the value of the canteens guarantee is high this academic year compared to previous years, in the previous year, for example, the association ran The same number of canteens with a value of less than 13,574 ILS, and this, if anything, indicates progress in the management of the canteens.

Accordingly, the canteens project has proven to be a successful pioneering project that aims to enhance the capabilities of members and improve the standard of living for themselves and their families.