Distributing Food Parcels – Jerusalem Association

Rural Women Cooperative Association for Saving and Credit in Jerusalem

In light of what this country is experiencing from the Corona pandemic, The Rural Women Cooperative Association for Savings and Credit in Jerusalem governorate (An active cooperative association since 2002, where an initiative has been established by women to provide cooperative financial resources for its members), decided to interact in the area where it exists, especially in villages in the Northwest of Jerusalem which were classified  as disaster areas. On Sunday, April 19, 2020 they distributed many food and health parcels in full coordinating with the municipal, village and governorate councils, based on the needs of the following sites: (Bedo, Beit Anan, Beit Soreik, Beit Doqo, Qatanna), some parcels were distributed directly by the association manger Mrs. Holwa Rabee’ and the chairman of the board of directors Mrs. Samiha Zahran, the other part was handed to the councils or the emergency committees in those sites.

During a special interview with the of Beitanan News, the association’s executive Mrs. Holwa Rabee’ said: “In light of the circumstances our people are going through, we can only provide simple assistance to some citizens in exchange for their steadfastness against this virus that is sweeping the country. Our association will always be at the forefront of support, whether material and moral … We will work hard to repeat such assistance whenever we have the opportunity”.

Together, in cooperation and commitment to combat coronavirus.