On-the-Job Training A unique opportunity for creating jobs for young women, and contribute to the spread of knowledge about the work of the institutions in Palestine

The Employment Fund has enabled The Saving and Credits Association in Ramallah to train a graduate from Al Quds University, giving her the opportunity to gain a real-life working experience, learn about work responsibilities, working hours and production. Furthermore, she had the opportunity to become involved in the daily procedures, administrative and financial responsibilities, communicating with the audience through field visits, dealing with clients, knowing the association business and fields of work. All that convinced her of the importance of female involvement in the economy through her own capital.

This training program did not only impact the trainee herself; it also affected the association as well. Having an assistant to the association’s coordinator, gave her the time to manage her public, administrative and organizational work, distribute the workload, and have accurate results with less errors. the immediate result was better efficiency and higher quality work.

Moreover, this valuable work experience has helped the graduate to be accepted in the Sustainable Rural Development higher education program at Al Quds University, after the recommendation from the UCASC. Her thesis concentrated on: the role of the Cooperative Associations for Savings and Credits in enhancing the role of Palestinian Women in the economy and thus in the development process.

Based on the above, we value this program because of its positive impact on the new generations of the female graduates, and the enhancement of the spirit of cooperative teamwork to build a healthy society able to face the social and economic challenges, mainly youth job opportunities. At the same time, this training program helps associations and enable them to reach the largest possible number of target groups.