UCASCs Ownership, Governance and Management

The UCASC is the umbrella of the CASC network that oversees them, and it is structured as follows:

The General Assembly is formed by three members from each CASC, appointed by CASC BoD (preferably they should be part of the CASC BoD). The General Assembly is the highest legislative body of reference in the UCASC who is responsible for approving the strategic plan and policies.

The Board of Directors is composed by 7 members elected by the General Assembly every three years. The BoD is the body responsible for monitoring the executive body and the extent of adherence to the policies and procedures approved by the General Assembly; it is also responsible for supervising and monitoring the implementation of strategies and financial performance of the Union and CASCs.

The Monitoring Committee is composed by 3 members elected by the General Assembly every three years, in charge of supervising the BoD tasks.

The Consultancy Committee, composed by non-members with technical skills related, is approved and appointed by the General Assembly, to support the Union in capacity-building and providing support and guidance to the UCASC BOD and the executive team.