Cooperative Association for Saving and Credit L.L in Salfeet Governorate School Canteens as Income Opportunities

The association began to consider the sub-lease school canteens as a way to create job opportunities for women members in the association since 2011. Since then, four canteens were sub-leased and six women members were employed, another member was also employed for producing pastries.

The association worked hard to provide healthy meals according to the Schools Health Department conditions to guarantee healthy food for students, as well as supervising sales within canteens. Consequently, the association achieved remarkable success appeared in the Schools Health Department report at the Directorate of Education.

This enabled then to sub-lease a larger number of canteens reached to 7 distributed in the governorate, ten members worked at these canteens. The association continued to work hard to maintain the trust given by the Ministry of Education.
They also worked hard as they believe in the importance of this project, and that promoting the knowledge of the importance of healthy food will reach to all target audiences through these schools to make it part of the social culture.

As a result of the association active efforts and commitment, the Ministry of Education, Schools Health Department allowed the association to sub-lease seventeen canteens in Salfeet governorate for the new academic year 2013-2014. This assures the trust in the credibility of the association’s work. However, this was not possible without the support of operating fund through UCASC loans, and providing the four manufacturing centers with a logistic support that included ovens and gas to facilitate the manufacturing process.

What distinguishes working in canteens this year, is that canteens were sub-leased in the form of clusters, and this saved the association time and effort in monitoring and distribution to the following canteens: four canteens in Salfeet, four in Deir Istiya, four in Kafr ad-Dik, in addition to a canteen in Haris, one in Farkha, and three others in Marda.

Canteen workers reached seventeen members, in addition to four women produce pastries and other foods for seventeen canteens which created twenty-two additional job opportunities during the year.

The association plays its central role through:

  • Providing all required goods for cafeterias periodically, monitoring the expiration dates and making sure they adhere to required specifications through constant monitoring and following up with the schools’ health committees.
  • The association makes sure that the four manufacturing centers provide pastries daily, packaging them and delivering them to schools on time, in addition to monitoring and inspecting whether those pastries meet the health conditions and providing diverse pastries for the students to feel at home.
  • Follow up with the teaching staff in schools and taking all notes and feedback into consideration, in addition to continuously work with the Directorate of Education in the governorate.
  • The association centrally visits all canteens continuously to ensure the working process, and the communication process with students to take their notes and make sure of the service.

Finally, we, as the Savings and Credit association and as canteen employees,  highly value this initiative from the Palestinian Fund for Employment and Social Protection for Workers (PFESP) for enabling us to obtain this opportunity, because of its positive impact not only on the students, but also on  the association in terms of enhancing the association’s role and credibility in front of the Ministry of Education, and the local community, hoping that together, we are able to build a continuous and systematic partnership towards a healthy and cooperative Palestinian community.