Women Cooperative Association for Saving & Credit - Jenin

The Initiative of Saving and Credit started in Jenin by the end of 1999, and was officially licensed as Women Cooperative Association for Saving and Credit L.L in Jenin by the year 2002, with an aim to organize the Saving and Credit operations in that area.

The Cooperative Association now consists of 21 groups including 584 contributing members until the end of 2019.


A pioneer feminine local association that provides financial services, specially (Saving and Credit) to its members, it has a vital role in providing a better life for its members in all life aspects, and it is an example of how giving, contributing in cooperation should be.


Independent feminine cooperative association, practicing (Saving and Credit), along with other development activities, aiming to develop rural Palestinian women, especially in Palestinian villages and enhancing the living circumstances of members.

Target Group:

The association targets female members from different areas of Jenin, who are 18 years old or above (No maximum age limit is determined), but its priorities for the next five years are ladies between the ages of 18 and 40 years old.

Loan characteristics:

Product Name Loan Limit (JOD)
General Loan 7,000
Islamic Loan 5,000
Educational Loan حسب قسط التعليم
Electronics Purchase Loan 3,000


  2018 2019
Number of groups 21 21
Number of active members by the end of term 597 584
Total Value Shares (End of term’s balance) 206,701 197,429
Total Saving’s Value (End of term’s balance) 128,744 145,297
Total number of loans 1,313 1,319
Total number of issued loans 3,718 3,744
Total Value of issued loans 6,924,493 6,968,401
Number of active loans 204 152
Active Portfolio Value (outstanding balance of loan principal) 242,349 162,617