Cooperative Association of Governmental Staff for Savings and Credit L.L - Ramallah

The Cooperative Association of Governmental Staff for Savings and Credit was officially founded in 2013, in fully absence of any governmental or civil institutions that take care of the economic and development issues of employees, where it was found to express the future hopes and visions of employees, the association’s economic policies guarantee the future of its members within the absence of economic and development security for employees.

The Cooperative Association now consists of 46 ministry and governmental institutions, where the number of its members reached 1221 members and contributors (Males and Females) by the end of 2019, and it is considered now as a cooperative association within the absence of most ministries and governmental institutions.


Economic and social safety for Governmental Staff


Cooperative Association for Governmental Staff that seeks to consolidate the principles of cooperation and enhance the political situation of its members.

Target Group:

The association targets civil staff in Ministries and Governmental Institutions.

Lending product characteristics:

Affiliation Fees 100
Share’s Upper Limit 2,500


Loan characteristics:

Product Name Loan Limit (JOD)
General Loan 30,000
Sbitany Loan 25,000
Car Insurance Loan 25,000


  2018 2019
Number of groups 64 70
Number of active members by the end of term 1,109 1,221
Total Shares value (End of term’s balance) 2,223,110 2,631,455
Total Saving’s Value (End of term’s balance) 871,110 1,757,660
Total number of loans 648 845
Total number of issued loans 1,106 1,694
Total Value of issued loans 5,515,173 9,799,741
Number of active loans 741 737
Active Portfolio Value (outstanding balance of loan principal) 2,049,325 3,504,247