Training course in Biddu and Al Jib

Rural Women Cooperative Association for Saving and Credit in Jerusalem

Within the project to enhance the economic role of women members of Savings and Credit Association in Jerusalem Governate, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Quebec, and implemented through the Union of Cooperative Associations for Savings and Credit (UCASC), The Savings and Credit Association of Jerusalem Governate concluded two training courses at Biddu and Al Jib in Jerusalem entitled: “Food Safety, and Manufacturing”, by four days for each course, 16 members benefited from each.

The course focused on concepts of products quality, ensuring the application of sound health practices, and setting mechanisms for practical methods checking the quality of the product and monitoring the manufacturing process.

This training aims to increase the competitiveness of the products of rural cooperative societies, thus enhancing food security and improving the quality of life for members of the association and their families.

From her side, Mrs. Hilweh Rabie, the director of the Rural Women Cooperative Association for Savings and Credit in Jerusalem thanked the members who participated in the training course, and stressed the importance of supporting and developing food manufacturing cooperatives, bearing in mind that the association will implement several activities in the next few months such as: training courses, workshops dependent on the needs of the association’s members, and also grant loans to the members of the association to facilitate the start of agriculture production projects.