The Holy Month Coupon Campaign

Cooperative Association for Saving and Credit for Women Entrepreneurs in Nablus L.L

The Women Cooperative Association for Saving & Credit in Nablus finished today distributing the coupons for the holy month of Ramadan for the third year in a row. Half of the amount was donated by The Arab Islamic Bank (AIB) and Altaleaa Company in Howwara,  and the other half was from the association’s Social Solidarity Fund, noting that the revenue of this fund is collected annually from the association’s members themselves as a form of social responsibility to implement different activities, including the holy month coupon campaign. Thirty-nine coupons were distributed to thirty-nine families of members and nonmembers.

The amount of the coupon was NIS 150, through working with Al Tal Al Akhdar Marketing Company in the city.

The targeted families were chosen by setting special standards approved by the association's board of directors, and this campaign aims to preserve religious and human values and express members' solidarity in general and solidarity with each other and to educate the emerging generation on these lofty principles.