Distributing food parcels on less fortunate families in Ramallah

Within the activities of “We are with you” Campaign

Palestinian Agriculture Relief Committees (PARC) and Women’s Association of Rural Cooperative for Savings and Credits distribute food parcels to families the negatively affected families by the corona virus pandemic in Ramallah.

Food Parcels and Olive oil were delivered to 50 families in Ramallah through the employees of the two associations and volunteers. The parcels included necessary food supplies and olive oil, collected from farmers and Cooperative Associations in Governates of Ramallah and Al Bireh and Salfeet.

Mr. Mahmoud Al Qadi, Ramallah and Al Bireh’s Branch manager of PARC, said that this campaign comes within the framework of “We are with you” campaign, which was launched by the association with the aim of mitigating the effects on citizens and families of the coronavirus pandemic in various governorates.

It is worth mentioning that PARC launched “We are with you” campaign during the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, and was able to implement many activities and campaigns aiming at alleviating the effects on citizens, farmers and families affected by the pandemic, as sterilizing campaigns in governorates, promotional campaigns for local cheese for animal breeders  in Al Aghwar area, over 10 tons of cheese were sold, an agriculture campaign to plant over 400,000 vegetable seedlings for home garden to strengthen citizens resilience during this pandemic, and enhancing food security  of Palestinian families by trying to provide part of the Self-sufficiency of vegetable crops for families.