Reef Finance

            Palestinian Inc. is a private, non-profit contribution recorded on 2/7/2007 under number 563 143 734 operates to provide diversified financial services and sustainable development of small enterprises in rural areas and serve needy groups of men and women farmers of youth.

According to the company's goals is to contribute to bridge the financing gap for the rural sector in Palestine to increase income and raise the standard of living for these categories , and in line with the orientations of Administration to provide new financial services within their relentless pursuit towards the establishment of the first rural bank a distinct Palestinian identity.

In order to achieve this goal came interest in the company to finance small and medium enterprises which are economically feasible , in terms of the importance of this segment and its contribution to the gross national product , as it seeks through the support of financing small and medium enterprises to achieve a set of economic and social objectives associated either to individuals or associations.