The UCASC targets marginalized women, especially in rural areas, through their Saving and Credit Cooperative Associations. To achieve these objectives, despite of limited financial resources, the union is exercising its best efforts to overcome these shortages through a set of interventions, which are:   

  1. Capacity building and skills development for the union and all SCAs staff through various activities (training, workshops, consultancy, on-the-job training, coaching, research and studies…etc.)
  2. Identify and Build Up Co-operative Leaders: As the SCAs become more decentralized, it will be necessary to identify members with leadership potential, and to train these women for future tasks in the district SCAs. 
  3. Develop the management information system (MIS) to allow for compatibility with the accounting platform for the Union and associations to introduce a reporting and monitoring function at all levels (Union, SCAs, group level SCGs)
  4. Credit policies: Setting up the best credit policies and practices for its member.
  5. Audit & Monitoring Function: The objectives of strengthening the audit function as part of the central union will reduce the costs for auditing, drafting and applying standardized policies and procedures and ensure their compliance with the national and international microfinance                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     measures to strengthen the audit function and improve the SCA financial image in terms of transparency and accountability.
  6. Networking and Promotion: networking with different actors locally, regionally, and internationally; actively participate in the official and popular activities and conferences  related to the cooperative , MFIs movements, and also promote and spread the ideas of voluntary cooperative work in general and the Savings and credit cooperatives in particular through workshops, newsletters, television, pamphlets, website etc..
  7.  Lobbying and Advocacy: coordination and lobbying with actors and institutions to put pressure on decision makers related to the working environment of cooperatives in order to influence the policies and legislation, and revise and develop policies and procedures guidelines for cooperative association members of the union.
  8. Diversify products and services: Develop and Introduce new services and products that are essential for developing the SCAs' future capacities in responding to the clients needs.
  9. Introducing soft loans and financial intermediation mechanisms between Surplus and Deficit Units. In order to help the cooperative associations’ in maximizing their portfolios and to fulfill the loan demand for their members.
  10. financial resources: diversify the financing resource through new donors and promoters for the benefit of the union and the SCAs to achieve real independence from PARC