The majority of the Palestinian women own no financial assets and are fully dependant on male’s for  their living, by which the saving and credit program is essential to overcome the following obstacles:

  • The limited ability of women in utilizing available resources due to culture.
  • The complicated procedures and guarantees required by commercial banks and financial institutions; these requirements are making it extremely difficult for women to benefit from their services.
  • The concentration of banks and financial institutions in the city centre.


Through these SCG's, SCA's,  UCASC seek to assist poor Palestinian households in improving their living standards and income through offering efficient sustainable programs on small holdings and promoting income generating activities. Marginalized poor Palestinian women are the main target for these efforts, with special attention to rural areas in the West Bank, Gaza strip and East Jerusalem; these women are the ones in dire need for financial and non financial services. In essence, SCG's act as rural banks; they collect shares – compulsory and voluntary savings –and mobilize them through SCA's to provide members with loans. Through Micro and small loans, income generating projects can be established in addition to covering other life requirements such as; medical treatment, education, and home appliances and improvements. This mechanism has given a rare chance for women to possess and control financial resources and assets. By giving them guidance in saving methods, SCA ensures members' sustainable independence by using their long term assets as the main guarantee for loans. These services, in addition to other non financial ones such as capacity building activities, marketing, promotions, net working  and technical assistant, will enable them and their families to live in dignity and honor.