Jabba Cooperative Consumer Cooperation

The idea of creating a women consumer cooperative was based on the need of women to have their own sustainable project providing income, and serves the local market basic needs. At the same time to provide a marketing opportunity for women rural products, given the need to promote those products and find new marketing channels.
The success of similar projects such as Jabaa Hall project encouraged the idea of women cooperative projects in partnership with the association.

The association started studying the project idea, a feasibility study was conducted with experts in this field, a field survey was done along with a study for the consumers institutions in Jenin.

The association requested a grant application from The Palestinian Agriculture Relief Committees - PARC, this grant to be the contribution of the association in its partnership with its members.

The project’s idea was presented in the general assembly meeting of the association in 2019, and was approved, then shares were offered to members who would like to participate in the project.

50 members participated in the project, 34 from Jabaa village and the rest from other locations of the association. The value of the association’s contribution amounted to 41,685 euros, while the members’ contributions amounted to 27,000 euros

Three commercial stores were rented in Jabaa village in order to start work. Stores were repaired in 2019, and the association was launched in March, 2020.

The association is currently operating in good and distinctive production capacity on site, as it is the only association run by women, and markets women’s rural products.