UCASC Activities


   Project agreement between MAP Canada and UCASC


     A contractual agreement between Medical Aid for Palestine (MAP Canada), a Canadian NGO based in Montreal Quebec And Union of Cooperative Associations for Saving and Credit (UCASC) a cooperative union based in Palestine was signed on 31st of October 2013 for the Project enhancing women’s members of saving and credit economic role through capacity building, that was funded through the Ministry of International Relations of Quebec.


     This project comes to promote entrepreneurship in Palestine through empowering vulnerable women to function effectively in the economic sphere.  Since the rural areas are the ones suffering the most, the project will reach out women whom are resident in rural areas to guarantee a successful income generating project and sustainable source of income, through accessing a package of financial and non financial services that address their needs


   The project interventions aim to provide better vital services to the poor and marginalized women in Palestine. By targeting women whom are usually disregarded, in order to decrease the dependency of household on external aid through providing them with the opportunity to start up income generating projects and different capacity building activities needed to ensure a successful project and sustainable source of income. This will eventually contribute in building a stronger Palestinian community that can survive amid the harsh conditions that have been going on.