Women's Association for Cooperative Credit and provide limited liability / Jenin



The membership in the associations is optional, Any person who has the ability and will can berefit from the services provided by the association without any political or religious distinction,  according to number of conditions:-

1)  Filling an application form.

2)  The ages of 18 and above are accepted.

3)  Having a good reputation morally and financially.

4)  The member shouldn’t be in any other association.

5)  Paying enter fees.



Entrance procedures

1)  Visiting the association or the treasurer.

2)  Faking the application form.

3)  Filling the marital status application.

4)  ID copy.

5)  Head of the family ID copy.

6)  Paying (20 JD) as entrance fee.


Loan terms

1)  Being a member for at least 6 months.

2)  Having (500 JD) in shares.

3)  Fill in the loan application and deliver it to treasurer in the location.

4)  The maximum limit for solo loans is (5000 JD).

5)  The loan is scheduled on a maximum of (24 months).

6)  The allow period for the productivity loans (1-6 months) depends the loan type.

7)   The allow period for the Non-productive loans one month.

1)  Guarantees

1)  Internal guarantee: when the member has a balance equivalent to the loan value or members guarantee.

2)  External guarantee: the member should choose a guarantor with number of checks as much as the monthly payments the guarantor.

Deployment sites

Currently Twenty-one sites / village, namely:

1.Jenin City          2.Meithalun       3.Al-Judeida      4.Sanur     5.Kafr Rai 6.Dayr Ghazzala        7.Anza         8.Dayr Abu-Daa’ef           9.Jaba’          10.Al-Rama     11.Silat Al-Daheer     12.Al-fandaqumiya    13.Ajaa 14.Qabatiya    15.Ya’bad     16.Al-Zababida       17.Raba                18.Al-Attara       19.Berqeen           20.Alyamon      21.Arrabeh

          Women Cooperative Association for Saving & Credit in Jenin

Headquarters Jenin Street - Abu Bakr - Building Meshaal inhabited the second floor



Mobile: 0599362561  -   Telefax:   042504562